Ming Fai Group X Hospitality Innovation Summit 2023 – Create & Enjoy Life, Green Era

Highlighted with the theme of “Opening Diversity, Innovating the Future”, the Hospitality Industry Innovation Summit 2023 was successfully closed at the Anthea Hotel in Shenzhen on 25th August, 2023. Mr. Liu Zigang, Vice President and Executive Director of Ming Fai Group, was cordially invited to participate in the event.

Innovation is the initial driving force of development. In order to promote innovative development and support the high-quality development of hotel industry in China, the Hospitality Innovation Summit 2023 focused on a range of aspects, including management innovation, service innovation, product innovation, technological innovation, and material innovation. During the summit, many authority figures and industry experts are actively engaged in discussions on those topics. Ming Fai Group, with its professional ESG capabilities, was honored with the “2023 Hospitality ESG Excellent Innovative Enterprise” award.

During the thematic discussions at the summit, industry colleagues actively explored strategic layouts for innovative development. In the CPO thematic dialogue titled “Hotel Supply Chain: Sustainable Development and the New Competitive Landscape,” Mr. Liu Zigang, Vice President and Executive Director of Ming Fai Group, participated in the conversation and shared his views on the sustainable development of the hotel industry’s supply chain.

“As a listed company, Ming Fai Group has always been committed to fulfilling its social responsibilities. According to the disclosure of the Group ESG status, we have consistently engaged in soap recycling project to benefit the community,” Mr. Liu Zigang said during the dialogue. He also highlighted that as a supply chain of the industry, Ming Fai Group always strived to use sustainable materials, recycling and producing environmentally-friendly products based on hotel requirements.

Ming Fai Group has carried out extensive product research and development in ESG. We provide sustainable products to hotel clients, such as environmentally-friendly bamboo toothbrushes, plastic-free packaging bags, FSC-certified paper and stone paper packaging. To save energy, the factory established by Ming Fai Group in Cambodia has fully utilized solar power to promote high energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. During the dialogue, Mr. Liu Zigang also expressed that Ming Fai Group will continue to collaborate with hotel groups and develop short-term, mid-term, and long-term ESG plans in accordance with their needs.

During the event, Ming Fai Group has also displayed some exhibits at the booth to show our design and production of high-quality toiletries as well as environmentally-friendly guest room products and electrical appliances for the hotel clients. Those of them fully showcased the capabilities of manufacturing, design, and innovation of Ming Fai Group.

New era, new epoch, and new chapter! Ming Fai Group will continue to fulfill its social responsibility by promoting the use of innovative technologies. We will keep working with the eco-friendly raw material suppliers to utilize sustainable materials and technologies and reduce the consumption and waste of resources. To achieve the goal, Ming Fai Group will further enhance the efficiency of resource utilization and provide the hospitality industry with eco-friendly products.