Filled with fragrance, Ming Fai warmly welcome Shangri-La Hotel Group to visit our company

Ming Fai Group was honored to receive a visit from an 18-member delegation of the Shangri-La Hotel Group’s Greater China Region on July 4, 2017. Led by Executive Director Mr. Liu Zigang, we expressed sincere appreciation and a heartfelt welcome to the delegation on behalf of the Ming Fai Group.

During the event, Ming Fai Group gave the delegation members a comprehensive tour to showcase the Ming Fai Integrated Center and Ming Fai Industrial City. This allowed the hotel representatives from different Greater China regions of Shangri-La Group to earn a more in-depth understanding of the customized products of Ming Fai.

During the product presentation session, Eva, the Greater China Marketing Director of Ming Fai Group, introduced various fragrance products as well as the PET materials used for producing the Shangri-La’s signature green bottle, the EDI Water Treatment System dedicated to water type mayerials, the utilization of soy ink for printing. These environmentally friendly concepts deeply attracted the attention of delegation members. In particular, Mr. Liu Zigang additionally supplemented the environmental knowledge related to soy ink.

This event has fostered a stronger bond between Shangri-La Group and Ming Fai Group, and successfully facilitated a deeper and more holistic understanding of Ming Fai among the representatives of Shangri-La Group. We sincerely appreciate the valuable suggestion given by the delegation members during the event. Ming Fai Group wholeheartedly promises to provide the highest quality products and the most efficient, professional integrated services to Shangri-La Group and all our valued customers.