Ming Fai Group welcomes Bosum Pinghu Association of Tsinghua University — Mutual Visits and Exchange

The pleasant autumn breeze filled up the afternoon of September 29th, it also a prime time for Ming Fai Group to warmly welcome over 40 guests from the Bosum Pinghu Association of Tsinghua University. The reception was led by Executive Director of Ming Fai Group, Mr. Liu Zigang (Mr. Liu), Mr. Cheng Junhua (Tommy), Deputy Director of the Marketing Department, Su Weixian (Tracy), General Manager of Ming Fai Hotel Integrated Center, Mr. Hou Xing, Deputy General Manager of the South China Region, Mr. Liao Jiaming and Deputy General Manager of the South China and Northwest Regions, Mr. Liu Guojun etc.

Since all of the visiting guests were the entrepreneurs from various areas in Longgang Pinghu of Shenzhen, Mr. Liu Zigang as one of the members of Bosum Pinghu Association expressed a strong sense of affinity and hoped everyone would gain more understanding and insight in various aspects of Ming Fai Group, including production management, operational models, and development plans. He also encouraged the exchange of perspectives and ideas to achieve a collision of thoughts, mutual learning and advancement.

In the following visit, the guests were split into two groups and each of them was accompanied by different leaders and staff. They had the opportunity to explore and gain a thorough understanding of Ming Fai Group’s office areas, production workshops, warehousing logistics, and the newly established exhibition hall of Total Solution Center with detailed explanations along the way.

During the subsequent Q&A session, the guests enthusiastically engaged in interactions and actively raised inquiries based on the issues they encountered during the visits. Their topics covered the enhancement of production line automation, personnel management, cost control, and measures to address the environmental impact of hotel industry. The participants freely expressed their thoughts and question without hesitation. This created a vibrant atmosphere of interaction between the entrepreneurs. One of the guests aptly expressed that “Ming Fai Group invited the members of Bosum Pinghu Association not to receive praise but to show us the issues and challenges facing by the enterprise and let us let point out the relevant suggestions and supports. This can make the visit to be truly meaningful rather than a mere formality.”

Mr. Liu wholeheartedly agreed with this perspective and emphasized that this exchange is really required the collision of various mindsets. Ming Fai eagerly heard the opinions and suggestions given by every guest. He believed that enterprise has to acknowledge and address their own problems in order to advance itself and move forward in the future.

After a delightful exchange and interaction, this event came to an end. Finally, Mr. Liu expressed his wholeheartedly gratitude once again to all the guests and longed for more opportunities to gather and exchange ideas in the future. It was a wonderful experience to not only strengthen the friendship, but also learn and gain insights between each other. Ming Fai warmly sincerely welcomed everyone and looked forward to their visit in the future!

Introduction of the Bosum Association:

The Bosum Association, known as “Bosum Club”, is a branch of the Tsinghua University Alumni Association in Shenzhen, and it is also a legally registered organization under the Civil Affairs Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality. Established on 15th January in 2010, the Bosum Club was dedicated to creating a high-quality information exchange and business networking platform. It integrated intelligence and resources to become an influential business organization that benefited not only China but also the world.