2019 SHANGHAI International Hospitality Design & Supplies EXPO to the perfect end, take you back to the Ming Fai Group highlights

Time 1: Shanghai Hospitality Design & Supplies Expo

On April 25-27, Ming Fai Group participated in the three-day “Shanghai Hospitality Design & Supplies Expo” (referred to as 2019 HOTEL PLUS). For this industry event, there are more than 2,000 exhibitors and over 130,000 professional visitors were participated from worldwide. Ming Fai Group proudly presented various in-house brands and licensed brands to create an exceptional experience for our visitors.

As a platform for connecting and integrating excellent resources, Ming Fai Group has cooperated with major hotel brands all over the world. With an attitude of excellence, it enjoys an excellent reputation in the hotel industry. Especially in the sector of hotel’s guest room amenities, such as ELLE Voyage with full of French fashion and romance, EVVIVA, the Italian brand inspired by the concept of “Wanderlust”. Berkeley Square, obtained great achievements in the field, and Milk & Co., the brand inspired by nature, as well as a wide range of quality products in different style for complementing hotels’ design. This year, Ming Fai also showcased Dyson, known for its high-end technology, and Conair, a professional hairdressing brand with a variety of personalized packaging designs, green living concepts, etc., which can enhance the hotel guests’ accommodation experience, saving hotels costs, and satisfying the needs in the dynamic hospitality environment.

Time 2: 2019 China Hotel Procurement Conference

The 2019 China Hotel Procurement Conference hosted by the HOTELN was successfully concluded at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on 25th April, 2019. On the same day, the award ceremony was grandly held, Ming Fai Group Vice President and Executive Director, Mr. Liu Zigang, was invited to participate and was awarded as one of the “2019 The Top 10 Procurement Hotelier of China”.

At the forum, Mr. Liu Zigang expressed his views on the topic of “How to build a one-stop hotel procurement platform?”:

One stop is the direction of future development. Ming Fai’s previous business model was that they were not willing to do it to the intermediate because the information was not transparent enough. The intermediate could not fully control the price setting and service level. For now, in the era of sharing economy with the support of big data technology, I think joint cooperation is the only way of achieving a win-win situation.

Now there are two types of one-stop platforms: one is a group-type chain platform, some large hotel groups have their own procurement platform, such as a platform for the improvement of hotel operation efficiency, as well as the improvement of hotel product standardization, and there is a great chance of promotion. The other type is a procurement platform built by various companies, mainly for some independent hotels, small and medium-sized hotels or homestays. In the early stage of Ming Fai, it was mainly in line with the operation of the group-based platform, similar to Jinling, New Century, Huazhu, Dossen, Atour, etc. The procurement rate is very high.

In overseas countries, Ming Fai has always been united with dealers to provide services to hotels. In the future development, we hope to learn from overseas cooperation experience and use our existing domestic and Asia-Pacific sales and distribution networks to attract more outstanding brands and build a one-stop supply chain procurement service platform. In one hand, it provides more value for thousands of hotel customers of existing services and improves service efficiency. On the other hand, the speed of information dissemination is very fast now, and we hope that such a platform can attract more customers. While improving service efficiency, we can reduce our sales and service costs and benefit the customers. The products that will ultimately be offered to customers will be more cost-effective. We are building such a platform, work with more and better brands in a multi-faceted win-win situation.

Instead of competition, I think that we need more alliances and cooperation to be able to achieve a one-stop service platform.

The three-day trip has been completed successfully. I hope that Ming Fai will bring you some surprises and joyful at this year’s event. We will see you next year.