Sail into future of win-win cooperation – Ming Fai show up in Fosun’s FC2M Conference-cum-Global Ecological Supply Chain Summit

On 7 September 2020, Fosun’s FC2M Conference-cum-Global Ecological Supply Chain Summit was held successfully at Atlantis Sanya, Hainan. Under the theme of “Global Expansion, Mutually Beneficial Cooperation within Businesses Ecosystem”, The conference aims to explore cooperation in the era of consumption upgrade in response to the uncertainty of the global market during post epidemic recovery. Mr. Liu Zigang, Vice President and Executive Director of Ming Fai Group, and Mr. Liu Guojun, General Manager of the South China region, were invited to attend this conference.

The picture shows Mr. Liu Zigang attended the event, where 500 globally renowned companies and industry partners gathered to focus on the reconstruction of global industrial chain in post-pandemic era. Ming Fai, with its comprehensive range of hotel room supplies, enriching famous brands and high value-added total solution, was honoured with the “2020 FC2M Ecological Development Supply Chain Partner Award.”

In addition to the forum, Ming Fai also showcased the five-star comprehensive hotel room supplies at its exhibition booth. Let’s review them together.

Protection Star - Pasión

Pasión, originated from Hong Kong, is dedicated to providing healthy and clean protection for everyone through the hygienic products. Pasion Instant Hand Sanitizer has 75% alcohol content and contain ISO grade pure Australian tea tree oil. With the dual protection of premium formula, it can effectively kill more than 99.999% of common pathogenic bacteria and also has a soothing effect on the mind and body.

Botanical Star - Jurlique

Jurlique is a natural botanical brand from Australia. Sourcing its ingredients from unpolluted farms on the hills of Adelaide, Jurlique lets you enjoy the purity of plant extracts and innovative formulas which can surly charm your skin with the allure of nature. What’s more? Jurlique has added lavender extract to the hotel bathroom collection for you to nourish the skin with hydration, release the stress and reboot the mind with a wonderful moment.

Royal Star - Molton Brown

Founded in 1971 in London, Molton Brown is a globally renowned British fragrance expert and has received the Royal Warrant of Appointment from Queen Elizabeth II. As the unique representative of British style, Molton Brown infuses the finest ingredients into its perfume, bath and body products as well as luxury home collections to creat a distinctive sensational experience.

Legendary Star - Lanvin

Lanvin, a representative of the high-end fashion industry in France, creates beautiful legends with deep emotions. Lanvin explores the extraordinary in everyday life and blends art with lifestyle in its own way. The Lanvin Hotel Bathroom Collection is a range of products with a neutral style. It continues the legendary essence of Lanvin perfumes, with each fragrance exuding a timeless sense of fashion and elegance.

Sleeping Star - Protect A Bed

Protect A Bed, trusted by very major hotel chains worldwide, believes in the motto ‘Every Mattress Needs Protection.’ They have developed advanced technologies such as the Miracle Membrane high-tech molecular film, BugLock insect protection patent, and exclusive sealing techniques. These innovations can completely separate dust mites, body oils, and other small particles from the mattress, ensuring both the hygiene of mattress and the safety of sleep.

Tea Star - CHALI

The CHALI is a tea brand established in 2013 with a mission to become the leading brand of instant tea in China. It strives to present the most traditional and authentic Chinese tea in the most fashionable and popular way. “Crafting tea with care” is not just an advertising slogan for CHALI, it reflects their commitment to high-quality standards and their unwavering path. Their products have also been recommended from popular KOL like Li Jiaqi and Viya.

Ming Fai showcased a number of renowned brands at the exhibition booth. It completely demonstrated our strength of hotel room supplies. Ming Fai was committed to catering every needs of the customers by providing high-quality products and customized service and strived to make contribution for the recovery and development of the global tourism.