Ming Fai Group’s Brand Power: Initialize From Quality, Integrate Into Nature

From 25th to 27th of November, the 12th Hospitality Brand Value Summit with the theme of “Chinese Brands, Global Sharing, Brand Power and Joining Hands in the Fight Against the Pandemic” and the 4th Internet + BIM Conference were held at the Jinling Hotels & Resort in Shihu, Suzhou. Mr. Liu Zigang, Vice President and Executive Director of Ming Fai Group, was invited to attend the conference.

Mr. Liu Zigang participated in a high-level forum discussion where he analysed the challenges faced by supply chain enterprises and outlined the future direction of industry development in the context of digitalization and information trends. Additionally, he expressed Ming Fai’s commitment to enhancing communication and collaboration with industry leaders and further fostering a stronger partnership.

During the award ceremony, Ming Fai Group was honoured with the prestigious “2020 Special Award for Industry Responsibility in Hospitality of China- Anti-Pandemic” by the China Hotel Procurement and Supplies Association. Additionally, its subsidiary, Shenzhen H-square Hospitality Total Solution Company Limited, was recognized with the “2020 Most Promising Award for Development in Hospitality of China” applauding its diversified business operations and contributions. It showed that the industry highly recognized Ming Fai’s ongoing commitment to social responsibility and diversified business operations.

Moreover, an exhibition area showcasing various corporate brands and their flagship products was set up outside the event venue. Let’s take a moment to review the highlights of these brands together!

Jurlique Lavender Hotel Collection

This collection benefits from the gift of fresh organic produce from the organic farm located on the unpolluted Adelaide Hills in Australia. Jurlique uses pure and organic herbal plants, which are free from chemicals, to infuse their products with the power of pure nature. Through a luxurious bathing experience, it provides deep hydration and let you have glowing and radiant skin.

Molton Brown Hotel Collection

Molton Brown, born in London in 1971, is a renowned British fragrance expert. With over half a century of rich and aromatic heritage, Molton Brown has become a globally recognized brand in bath and personal care products. It has not only received the Royal Warrant of Appointment from Queen Elizabeth II, but also gained the adoration of fragrance lovers worldwide.

Pasion Anti-epidemic Bag

This anti-epidemic bag was born in the 2020 pandemic. It includes 75% alcohol hand sanitizer, disinfectant alcohol, alcohol wet wipes and 3-ply disposable face mask which was awarded with Q MARK of Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency. All these products have been certified by the authoritative organization SGS, and could effectively provide comprehensive protection during outings and travels.

Pasion Relief Gentle Collection

This collection is specifically address fragile hair and skin problem. As a perfect companion during seasonal changes and dry autumn/winter seasons, the products are empowered by the highly effective soothing and moisturizing ingredients from Mibelle in France, and could effectively enhance hair strength, reinforce the skin barrier and reduce skin burden.

Pasion Botanical Moisturizing Collection

This collection aims to create a comfortable bathing experience for everyone. With the creation of six unique and distinctive fragrances, namely Oriental Lotus, Mojito, Yuzu White Tea, Ginger Kaffir Lime, Blue Lemonade, and Tropical Vacation, it injects a fresh and vibrant sensation into the bathing routine and helps to eliminate the tiredness of the day.

Pasion Skin Relief and Protection Collection

This collection focuses on generating both antibacterial as well as anti-inflammatory effects as well as oil control and pore refining. The new purifying formula allows for skin protection and soothing effects during bathing. The product ingredients are natural and biodegradable, ensuring not only user safety but also environmental friendliness. For those seeking antibacterial skincare, this collection is the ideal choice.

In the wave of digitization and information trends, Ming Fai Group’s train of “Witnessing the Beauty of Mountains and Seas” has departed. Driven by the brand power, it will take you on a journey to enjoy the magnificent scenery between the earth and the ocean and also let you read through the stories of each city and capture every wonderful moment along the way!