Ming Fai Group gather with H-Square: Creating brand value and discover new blueprint for hotel supply chain

On 23rd to 24th of February 2023, the 6th China Hospitality Brand Value Summit and the 14th Hospitality Purchase and Supply Summit were successfully held at the Wuxi Sunac Shiboge Hotel. Mr. Liu Zigang, Vice President and Executive Director of Ming Fai Group, and Mr. Ye Dongsheng, General Manager of North China and East China Region, were invited to attend the event.

The 6th China Hospitality Brand Value Summit revolved around the theme of “Brand Value, Global Sharing, Empowering Innovation, and Strategic Future.” The summit gathered a multitude of industry experts who delved into discussions on the topics such as cultivating brand vitality, establishing a new cultural tourism ecosystem, and the integration of hotel brands. Through these discussions, they collectively explored the future of hotel brands in China.

The supply chain plays a crucial role in economic development. During the Hospitality Purchase and Supply Summit, which centred around the theme of “Digital Empowerment, Convergent Evolution, and Multidimensional Innovation,” many industry professionals delivered insightful speeches and engaged in high-level discussions. This provided a direct platform to address the challenges faced by hotel supply chains in China. Together, participants committed to fostering high-quality development in the hotel supply chain industry through collaborative efforts.

During the summit, Mr. Liu Zigang delivered a speech on the subject of “ESG-Driven Hotel Supply Chain under the ‘Dual Carbon’ Goals.” Addressing “Dual Carbon” strategy of China, he shared Ming Fai Group’s experience in ESG development, emphasizing the company’s dedication to sustainable and environmentally friendly growth. He highlighted their ongoing initiatives to implement ESG practices, enhance energy efficiency, reduce plastic consumption, and offer eco-friendly products to the hotel industry.

Ming Fai Group has been deeply involved in the hotel industry for many years, consistently serving as an exceptional supplier and providing professional international services to major hotels and restaurants. At this event, Ming Fai Group was honoured with the “China Hospitality Supply Chain ESG Pioneer Award.” Furthermore, its subsidiary, Shenzhen H-square Hospitality Total Solution Company Limited, received the “Hospitality Excellent Quality Award.” As well, Mr. Liu Zigang himself was also recognized and inducted into the “Hall of Fame” for his outstanding contributions to the industry.

In the future, Ming Fai Group and H-square will persistently drive product innovation, enhance supply chain management systems, and collaborate with industry leaders to foster the green and sustainable development of hotel supply chains. Our shared objective is to elevate the international influence of Chinese supply chain brands.