Shanghai Exhibition Highlights: Together with Ming Fai, Focusing on Environmental Protection, Coloring the Future

Celebrating by the resurgence of spring breeze and the surge of people, the Shanghai International Hospitality Design and Supplies Expo was held in the exhibition area with over 210,000 sq. meters. Over 2,000 brands has participated in this event to showcase nearly 10,000 exquisite and debut products. This expo has made a significant contribution and provided strong support to the recovery of the tourism industry.

From 28th to 31st of March, the Shanghai International Hospitality Design and Supplies Expo has attracted a large number of visitors and this 4-day exhibition finally come to an end. Ming Fai Group has proudly taken a pragmatic approach and grateful mindset to exhibit the amazing moments to the guests around the world. Let’s review the interesting moment of the event together.

For over 40 years, Ming Fai Group has still been focusing on the hotel industry. In this event, Ming Fai has exhibited its comprehensive capabilities by showcasing a range of supplies, from guest room cleansing products to hotel operational products, from brand design to environmental production solution.

Prioritizing Green Action

“Dual carbon target”, “ESG”, and “Sustainability” have been keywords in the recent years. As a publicly listed company in Hong Kong, Ming Fai Group is committed to fulfilling its social responsibilities as well as promoting green and sustainable development with no hesitation. In this exhibition, a special environmental protection zone was set up which has received many enthusiastic on-site support.

In response to different interpretations of environmental protection, Ming Fai Group has organized and exhibited a range of eco-friendly products, along with their relevant certifications. They included ocean-bound plastic (OBP) PCR, regular recycled plastic (PCR), bio-based materials, natural bamboo, wood materials, and more. To reduce the plastic use in hotel, Ming Fai has meticulously designed various large bottle packaging and stands for guest room cleansing products, which has attracted much attention of the guests.

Outstanding Brand

To immerse guests in the appreciation of beauty, Ming Fai Group has presented the full brand collaborations from brand philosophy to product details in the exhibition.

Molton Brown, the exquisite bath and body brand, holds the prestigious Royal Warrant from the British Royal Family. AHAVA, recognized as a national treasure in Israel, infuses its products with the nourishing essence of the Dead Sea. LANVIN showcases the luxurious and fashionable allure of France. Deep Nature stands out as a unique brand deeply connected to nature, while Borghese, an Italian brand, harnesses the healing powers of green clay. During the exhibition, Ming Fai Group also introduced several new brands to the public, such as Gentlemen Tonic, originating from the city of London, Abhait, a world-class brand, and Remedy, a brand dedicated to utilizing natural and renewable sources. Together, these brands offer hotel guests a diverse range of choices.

In addition, Ming Fai Group also addresses the current trends of family travel and customized gift by presenting:

Hotel Total Solution Service Center

Shenzhen H-square Hospitality Total Solution Company Limited, a subsidiary of Ming Fai Group. As a hotel comprehensive amenities service platform created by Ming Fai Group, it aims to provide a complete range of item solutions for hotel operations. In this exhibition, it mainly focused on showcasing dining tableware products and introducing newly cooperation brand.

Cambodia Production

Ming Fai Group has been actively exploring global procurement and production to support cost reduction and efficiency enhancement for hotels. At this exhibition, there was also a partial showcase of products manufactured at our production base in Cambodia, including stylish bags, toiletry kits, slippers, socks, and more.

Explore the Future

With the rapid recovery of the tourism industry and the increasing demands of our customers, Ming Fai Group will continue to enhance research and development efforts in eco-friendly products and improve the capabilities of the hospitality total solution. We will consistently leverage the strengths of Ming Fai Group to provide all-round and high-quality services. We look forward to reconnecting with you next year!