Persistent Benevolence: Ming Fai joined hand with Marriott International x Yao Foundation to illuminate Hope

In support of the Marriott Yao Foundation Hope Project and contributing to the development of youth education and sports in China, Ming Fai Group actively took part in the 11th Annual Marriot North China Charity Golf Tournament in Beijing on 24th September and witnessed the successful completion of the golf tournament.

With persistent benevolence and boundless love, Ming Fai Group burdened the corporate social responsibility to contribute the modest efforts of supporting this charity event and joined hands with industry partners to give back to the society. In the future, Ming Fai would stay true to its corporate philosophy and dedicate itself to social welfare by action to illuminate the hope of the world.

About Yao Foundation:

Yao Foundation, initiated by former Chinese basketball player Yao Ming in 2008, is a specialized charitable public welfare fund established under the framework of the China Youth Development Foundation. In 2018, Yao Foundation was registered as the Beijing Yao Foundation Public Welfare Foundation. Guided by the principle and philosophy of “Cultivating People Through Sports”, Yao Foundation was dedicated to assisting underprivileged teenagers in impoverished areas to achieve their comprehensive development in education, sports, nutrition, and mental well-being.

In 2012, Yao Foundation launched the “Yao Foundation Hope Primary School Basketball Season” project. As of 2020, the Basketball Season has provided over 1.37 million underprivileged youth from more than 1,000 schools in impoverished areas with the opportunity to learn playing basketball. These young people had chance to experience the spirit of sports and enjoy happiness through basketball. All these helped them to build self-confidence, develop teamwork skills, promote physical and mental well-being.