Ming Fai Group: “Soap Cycling” base launching ceremony held successfully

Yesterday morning (June 21st), the inauguration ceremony of the “Soap Cycling” project base, organized by Ming Fai Group, was successfully held in Shenzhen Pinghu. Executive Director of Ming Fai Group, Mr. Cheng Zhiqiang, along with Mr. Liu Zigang, Mr. Cheng Junhua, Mr. Jiang Guoxiong, and all the department directors, attended the event to witness the significant moment.

Mr. David Bishop, the professor of the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Hong Kong as well as founder and chairman of “Soap Cycling”, fully affirmed Ming Fai Group’s charity contribution and expressed his wholeheartedly gratitude to the Group for providing “soap recycling production base”, machinery and equipment.

Soap Cycling was a Hong Kong non-profit charitable organization, formed by students from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the University of Hong Kong. The organization aims to collect partially used soaps from hotel guests, recycle them into new products, and distribute the recycled soaps to the people in needed through a network of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and charitable organizations. The newly established production base would exclusively donate all the recycling soaps to impoverished areas in mainland China.

As they both shared a same vision of taking more social responsibility and diversifying the scope of charity, they have been kept studying the feasibility of establishing a “Soap Cycling Base” in mainland China. Finally, they turned this idea into reality!

Soap production was one of the key businesses of Ming Fai Group. In addition to providing facilities and equipment, the group could even offer technical assistance, which greatly facilitated the production of Soap Cycling. Moreover, over the course of 30-year development, Ming Fai Group has earned a large number of customers in the hotel industry, and those of them were willing to actively support this charitable activity. This provided Soap Cycling with additional sources for soap collection. In the future, the collaboration between Ming Fai Group and Soap Cycling will create even more possibilities!