Swing for Charity, Continuing the Love! Ming Fai Group supported “IHG Project Hope Fund”

Introduction: InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) donated funds to the China Youth Development Foundation and established the “IHG Project Hope Fund”. The fund is dedicated to the construction of Hope Primary Schools, vocational education for migrant workers and providing assistance to college students.

During the early winter, Ming Fai Group has actively participated in the “Hope Classic Charity Golf ” by IHG Hotel Group in Shanghai and Jiangsu. The funds raised from this event will be entirely used to construct “IHG Hope Primary Schools” and provide support for underprivileged children in China to enable them to return to school. Executive Director of Ming Fai Group, Mr. Liu Zigang, gathered with entrepreneurs worldwide not only to enjoy the charm of golf, but also to spread care and warmth to the children in need and promote positive energy to the society.

A little fragrance always clings to the hand that gives the roses. While focusing on the corporate development, Ming Fai Group never forgets to give back to society. Caring for society and social welfare are always the missions of Ming Fai Group. Every year, the group actively participates in various charitable activities, including the charity events organized by the Red Cross, Community Chest, Orbis International and so on to spreads love to those in need.

For Ming Fai Group, supporting social welfare activities is not only taking the corporate social responsibility, but also inspiring more companies to involve in those meaningful events. All these are to bring hope and love to more people in need.