Creating Hospitality Experiences Kids Will Love

As a hospitality professional, you know that creating memorable experiences for guests is key to success. But did you know that catering to kids is just as important as catering to adults? Kids are the future of hospitality, and creating experiences they love can lead to lifelong brand loyalty and positive word-of-mouth marketing.

Here are some tips for creating hospitality experiences that kids will love:

1. Cater to Different Age Groups

Kids have vastly different needs and interests depending on their age. What a 3-year-old wants is very different from what a 10-year-old wants. Segment your offerings by age group to ensure you are providing age-appropriate activities, entertainment, and amenities.

For example, you could have a “kids club” with different sections for different age groups. The 0-3 section could have soft play areas and toys suited for that age. The 4-7 section could have more structured activities like arts and crafts. And the 8-12 section could have video games, board games, and other entertainment.

2. Make It Interactive and Educational

Kids love to learn through play and interactive experiences. Consider having kid-friendly tours, scavenger hunts, or other interactive activities that teach them about the local area, culture, or environment in a fun way. You could also have workshops where they can learn new skills like cooking, art, or coding.

The Family Vacation Critic recommends having a “kid concierge” who can provide kid-friendly tips and recommendations.

3. Prioritise Safety and Comfort

Kids have different needs than adults when it comes to safety and comfort. Make sure your facilities are designed with kids in mind. For example, have child-proof areas, low furniture, and soft play areas. Provide kid-friendly amenities like strollers, cribs, and child-sized bathrobes.

The Shangri-La Group offers “integrated activities for children and their parents – from family pools, kids’ clubs, all-day children’s activities and more.”

4. Offer Unique Experiences

To really wow kids and create lasting memories, offer unique experiences tailored to them. For example, you could have a “kids concierge” who provides personalised recommendations and plans special activities. Or you could have themed rooms, tents, or other unique amenities just for kids.

The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel offers a unique snorkelling experience for kids. And the Ritz-Carlton has a “Ritz Kids Safari” program designed by Jean-Michel Cousteau.

By creating hospitality experiences that cater to kids’ needs and interests, you can ensure they have a memorable time and their parents can relax. This will lead to positive word-of-mouth and repeat business. Follow the tips above to create experiences kids will love!