everybody·LABO – Earl Grey Cedar Fragrance New Product Launch

Casting off restraints and let your mood dance with lightness. In the fast-paced Hong Kong city, you may embark on a city walk, stroll through the streets, stand still and seek the classic scenes of Hong Kong movie to show the urban uniqueness and charm along the way.

Snapshot the moment of Central, leave behind your own memories. Explore the whimsical delights in Sheung Wan streets, uncover the charm of every alleyway. Take a leisure walk in Sai Ying Pun, let the sea breeze dissipate the summer heat. Witness the sunset in Tsim Sha Tsui, enjoy the magnificent beauty. After a fulfilling walk, you could feel life with a vibrant energy! In the bustling night, you loosen your mind and body to immerse yourself in a fragrant bath with unique scent.

everybody·LABO was founded in 2009. As a Hong Kong natural skincare brand, it has collaborated with many natural essential oil research institutes to offer 12 skincare brands of face, body, and hair. The wide product range caters to both mass market and luxury retail segments, with a large number of online and offline stores, as well as professional beauty salons.

In collaboration with everybody·LABO, Ming Fai Group has developed the Earl Grey Cedar Fragrance series which are specifically designed for mid-range hotels. This collection lets you embark on a new delightful journey in this summer.

everybody·LABO Earl Grey Cedar Fragrance series are filled with captivating and enchanting scent with unique elegance. The warm woody aroma of Earl Grey Cedar embraces and soothes your body and soul, even let you immerse yourself in the allure. Formulated with natural watermelon seed oil sourced from South Africa, it moisturizes your skin and wipes out tiredness of the day with its delicate foam.

everybody·LABO Earl Grey Cedar Fragrance series features a captivating blend of notes. The top notes include jasmine, bergamot orange, red apple and aqua. The heart notes consist of angelica root and cucumber. The base notes bring together musk, cedarwood, beeswax, and vanilla.

The large-sized bottle paired with the dual V-shaped liquid dispensers features a sleek and suspended design with safety and reliability. It surely matches various styles and add an aesthetic touch to your bathing space. In the midst of warm steaming shower, the aroma truly extend the serenity and joy of the day.